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Prayer Matters

An excellent opportunity to deepen your congregation's relationship with the Lord, these materials are a call to spiritual revival.


Spiritual Warfare III and IV
There have been and are presently on-going inter-galactic battles. These are struggles in the spiritual and moral realms and may spill over into the physical. We are under heavy attack. The devastation in our churches, families, communities and nation is horrendous! There are wounded people all around us - wounded by the enemy’s “fiery darts.”

To survive and be victorious, we must first be aware of the battle, mount a strong defense and realize that the ultimate outcome has eternal consequences. This study is available on CD and DVD, as well as a study guide.

1. Review of Part I
2. Review of Part II
3. The Belt of Truth
4. The Belt of Righteousness
5. The Gospel of Peace
6. The Shield of Faith
(The italicized words are points of emphasis in this study.)

1. Review of Parts I, II and III
2. The Helmet of Salvation and The Sword of the Spirit
3. The Generational Curse
4. The Generational Blessing
5. The Life of Presence, Praise and Holiness
6. The Spirit of Prayer (Supplication)

Study Guide5.00 (12 lessons)
Audio CDs35.00
Video DVDs55.00

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