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Angels, Sent to Rescue
We live in an energy-filled universe of angelic existence. They move from the celestial (eternal) realm to the terrestrial (time) realm apparently at the speed of light. God has been pleased to make known a considerable amount of information regarding their creation, sin, mission and ultimate destiny. As the title of this 12 lesson CD/DVD series suggests, angels are not our savior, but are sent by our Savior to assist, minister to, and guide mankind. In doing so, angels help us achieve a potential eternal position never to be enjoyed even by Michael or Gabriel.

The following topics are discussed:
  1. Angels: An Introduction
  2. Angels: Their Creation
  3. Angels: When They Sinned
  4. Angels: Birth and Ministry of Jesus
  5. Angels: Death of Jesus
  6. Angels: Resurrection and the Coronation of Jesus
  7. Angels: The Early Church
  8. Angels: Lives of Apostles John and Paul
  9. Angels: Test of Faith
  10. Angels: Human Deliverance
  11. Angels: To Be Judged?
  12. Angels: The Final Judgment

Study Guide5.00 (12 lessons)
Audio CDs35.00
Video DVDs55.00

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