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Prayer Matters

An excellent opportunity to deepen your congregation's relationship with the Lord, these materials are a call to spiritual revival.


Ministry of Intercession
It is my belief that the call of God to be an intercessor is the ultimate opportunity and responsibility to which one may be called. The extent to which Abraham placed himself before Jehovah over the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah is beyond most moderns to comprehend. Moses asked God to forgive his idolatrous people or send him to hell with them (Ex. 32:32b). The nation of Israel was on the edge of justifiable extinction — but for one meek man on his knees (Ps. 106:23). Jesus had the weight of the entire human family on his shoulders — the intercessor of all intercessors! BUT for Gethsemane, no Calvary. The entire human family would have been ultimately consigned to that final Gehenna, prepared for “the Devil and his angles.” Intercessory prayer? Is it important?
The following album of 12 CD/DVDs will help prepare one for that great partnership — pairing with God!

Intercession: What Is It?
Intercession: The God-Kind of Faith
Intercession: Faith As a Gift/Fruit
Intercession: The Love of the Holy Spirit (Rom 15:30)
Intercession: Praying in the Holy Spirit
Intercession: The Spirit of Grace and Supplication (Zechariah 12:10)
Intercession: The Persistent Widow
Intercession: Because of His Importunity (Luke 11:5-8)
Intercession: An Example - Paul
Intercession: How to Build a Hedge
Intercession: The Prayer of All Prayers
Intercession: Summary

Study Guide5.00 (12 lessons)
Audio CDs35.00
Video DVDs55.00

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