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A Portrait of the Human Struggle
This 12-lesson cassette album is stark, personal and honest. It deals with a “severe mercy” God chose to visit on a family. One may find God to the degree he/she seeks him. These are just a few of the excerpts from this series:

• Lesson 1: When holiness becomes more attractive than sin … knowing Christ more important than self … for the privilege of intimacy with Jesus, no price is too high …
• Lesson 2: Finding God is more important than feeling better; our pardon more important than our pain.
• Lesson 3: What happened in Eden? The loss was more than a garden — it was the loss of God. Adam, after Eve’s sin, found himself in a precarious and stressful situation, totally new and uncertain. Adam was not sure even God could solve Eve’s problem — so Adam joined her. The rest is history.
• Lesson 4: The “taint toward evil” is found all along the dusty, winding road of human history. Mankind trusts himself more than he trusts God.
• Lesson 5: The anatomy of idolatry — the nature of deception. God comes on the scene with forgiveness and healing. God is God, no matter what!
• Lessons 6, 7 and 8 are basic research and lessons on idolatry. Historic and psychological information regarding the subtlety of idolatry are talked about here. Two important matters are considered:
  • 1.The worship of false gods (idols)
  • 2.The worship of Jehovah by means of false gods (idols)
• Lesson 9 is regarded by some as one of the clearest examples of faith versus un-faith (unbelief) ever encountered.
• Lesson 10 encourages one to trust God more than self. The main emphasis of this study is to shift the focus from earth to heaven, time to eternity, and man to God.
• Lessons 11 and 12 conclude the series. This encourages more trust in God than any present temporal situation. The great contamination of sin in the Garden of Eden opened the door for man’s unbelief in a Holy God.

Jesus endured the severe wrath of God to reclaim us by his grace — this is A Portrait of the Human Struggle.

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