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Prayer Matters

An excellent opportunity to deepen your congregation's relationship with the Lord, these materials are a call to spiritual revival.


Holy Spirit (From Embers to a Flame)
This is a twelve-hour study on CD and DVD on the journey of the redeemed. The mind of man is flesh. God is Spirit. The only way man can communicate with God is by what Jesus called the Comforter.

Jesus said one must be born of water and the Spirit. When Jesus as agent, utilizes the element of the Holy Spirit with a willing, seeking heart then is the spirit or heart of man, transformed and placed in a position where he may communicate with his heavenly Father. The indwelling Holy Spirit intercedes for us Spirit-to-Spirit, faith-to-faith.

As one walks, or is led by the Spirit, he often translates what may be a formless call into specific communication that our Father. We sense His smile, His delight, we know we are His and we are closer home.

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